Buy Petty Spurge Seeds

We regret to advise that on August 1st 2021 we ceased shipping Petty Spurge seeds. This came about due to the Covid Pandemic which has made delivery to countries outside of Australia very difficult and, even within Australia, frustrating.

We have had several clients complain regarding delays on receiving their seeds and have promptly refunded their payments in full, only to learn that their seeds arrived within days of receiving their refunds. As we are a small business this makes it difficult for us to cover our own costs so we would prefer to discontinue taking orders.

For those hundreds of customers globally who supported us and had success growing the seeds we sent them we say, thank you! We will keep our email operating indefinitely for prior customers and should you wish to contact us for any reason. We are always happy to give free advice!

This website will also remain in place until the end of 2021 for those that wish to learn more about this amazing herb.

Kind Regards - Body Plants Australia

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